Frequently Asked Questions

Is acupuncture safe?
Yes! It has been used for well over 5000 years to help billions of people to get well and stay healthy, without drugs and surgery. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that acupuncturists follow strict safety guidelines and user only sterile, nontoxic needles that are labeled for single use only.

Do acupuncture needles hurt?
Naturally, people associate needle pain with their past experience with hypodermic needles. You can fit close to 10 acupuncture needles inside the tip of one hypodermic needle. Acupuncture needles are tiny, thin and flexible, about the size of a cat’s whisker. Once the needles are inserted, some patients may experience a mild tingling or a sensation of fullness, along with an increased sense of relaxation. These are all quite normal and suggest that the treatment is working.

What does a first visit include?
The first time visit includes a consult to develop an individualized plan and treatment. Besides acupuncture, the plan may include nutritional counseling, herbal consultations, cupping, Moxibustion, Electro-acupuncture, and Tui Na (Oriental body work) at no additional charge. Herbs and supplements are an additional cost.

How long are the visits?
The first time visit is 1.5 hours. Follow-up visits are one hour. Cupping only appointments are approximately 30 minutes.

What should I wear to my appointment?
Loose, comfortable clothing is best. Also, don’t forget to eat something before your appointment.

How many treatments will I need?
Each patient is different. The initial phase of the treatment plan is usually between 4-10 visits. The length of treatment depends on how long the condition has been present and how quickly the patient responds to treatment. Generally if a condition is more acute, patients respond faster than if it’s been a chronic condition.

Do you take Insurance?
Currently, we have a contract with the Veterans’ Administration to accept VA patients with a referral. We do not accept any other insurance at this time. However, some insurance companies will reimburse the patient for acupuncture. So, call your insurance agent to find out if they cover Acupuncture.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and credit cards – including Health Saving Accounts (MasterCard, Visa, Discover).

What education does an acupucturist receive?
Education and training programs range from 3-4 years, including an internship. There are over 65 acupuncture schools and colleges in the U.S. Currently acupuncture is regulated in 42 states.

How much will my treatment cost?
First time visits are $150, while follow up visits are $90 for acupuncture. Herbal Consults are $90 for the first visit and $45 for follow ups (Tamara only). Cupping appointments are $55. Massages range from $75-$110 plus tax. Herbs, ear seeds, and other items from the shop are extra.