Meet Andrea

Andrea Rodriguez LMT


The definition of a healer to me is someone who is a catalyst to soften the resistance,  to help a client become more receptive,  and in turn align with the energy of their own healing. I am a healer at the core of my being, which became really apparent when I became a mother of children with health issues.  This started my path of years of self study, reading anything and everything to do with spirituality, healing, and nutrition.

I began my career as a healer by studying Massage Therapy at Healing Arts Institute in Perrysburg, Ohio. After receiving my licensure as a Massage Therapist with the Ohio State Board, I continued my energy healing journey by becoming a Reiki/Karuna Reiki Master, then an Advanced Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) practitioner.

After working from home for some time,  I put all my skills into practice when I went to work for hospice. Although the 6 years I spent working with hospice patients was very rewarding,  I am truly excited to start supporting people in their living. It is my joy and passion to support people on their healing journey, whatever that looks like for them. It is a beautiful thing to witness people transform,  whether it be physical, spiritual, or mental.  I am blessed to be able to experience this with my work.

I look forward to the opportunity to hold a safe, peaceful, loving, supportive container for everyone who comes to see me.

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