Meet Scott


Scott McBride is a Certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) Master Teacher, and Crystalline Transformation Coach. Scott both practices and teaches CCT online and over the phone with clients across the country, and is a proud ‘Virtual Practitioner’ at the Tamara TCM Wellness Clinic.

Scott helps people with what is called ‘energetic transformation’.

Energetic transformation is the process of building and growing, through the use of energy healing techniques, to achieve greater and greater levels of potential within ourselves.

Sometimes events and situations from our past hold us back from experiencing the quality of life and health that we want. Sometimes we have trouble accessing what we know is possible, and aren’t sure why we can’t get there. Sometimes we don’t know the direction we want to go in life. Scott is the preson to get you there. He can help heal and release trauma from your past (even that which you aren’t aware is affecting you today), so that you can move forward with greater levels of ease, clarity, and joy.

Here is a great example of how Scott is able to help:

“When visiting a friend of mine recently, I saw a weird physical symptom that she hadn’t told me about. Her legs started twitching and spasming uncontrollably. When I asked her about it, she told me that she had ‘Restless Leg Syndrom’ (RLS), and that every night around 9:30, her legs would go through this painful process. I watched as it continued, and asked her how long it had been going on… ’2 years’, she told me.

I began a CCT session with her, with the intent to clear the root cause of the issue. As the session began, I suddenly understood what was happening… her RLS was a result from her standing her ground with her ex-husband, and kicking him out of their house. And you probably guessed it… her symptoms started at the exact same time!

We continued the session, clearing the energy of the root cause of her symptoms. I told her that she would probably sleep pretty well, and commented on her ankle which felt weird, energetically speaking, to me. She mentioned that her ankle clicked a little bit going up and down stairs, but wasn’t a source of major concern. We finished the session, and asked her to follow up with me the next day/night.

The next morning, I received a text message that read, “My fitbit told me I got 4 TIMES the amount of deep sleep than I normally get in a night!”

That afternoon, I received another text message that read, “My ankle hasn’t clicked at all going up or down stairs today, and I’ve been paying special attention to seeing if it does… nothing!”

That night, I received another text message… “NOT ONE TWITCH IN MY LEGS TONIGHT!! This is the first time in 2 years that my legs aren’t in paid or spasming!!!”

When you heal, clear, and shift the energy, symptoms start to go away. Sometimes symptoms will shift quickly, other times there are many layers and levels to work through. Scott’s clients generally experience a better quality of health and life, moving through hurdles more and more gracefully, and access levels of their potential that had been waiting for them to find.

Book online or call the clinic at (419) 345-4996.