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 Recovery from Stroke:

“After months of occupational and physical therapy, I decided to include acupuncture and alternative medicine to help me recover from a devastating stroke in 2012. I am happy to report that Tamara TCM is the leading factor for the feeling and movement that I have regained in my arm and leg since my stroke a year a go.  Tamara has been a very important part of my recovery and I recommend her to you without any reservations.  I have been impressed with the wide variety of health issues she has been able to effectively treat.  Whatever your symptoms; I am sure Tamara can help you to feel better.

“She’s the Best, Give Her a Try!”


“I’ve had knee pain for years because of arthritis and injuries. The acupuncture treatments I have received have really greatly reduced the chronic pain and therefore reduced the medications that I take. It’s great to have pain management alternatives.”

- Satisfied Patient

“Tamara Wiillingham saved my life! On Super Bowl Sunday, February 2012, I suffered a stroke.  My carotid was 95% blocked, and I underwent surgery.  After surgery I still had difficulty breathing, went back to the ER to find I had double pneumonia.  The hospital released me, but I still could hardly breathe.  I was then diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and COPD!  In short, I was a physical mess, unable to walk more than ten baby steps before gasping for breath and needing to sit or lie down.
Hardly a worthwhile quality of life.
My dear wife suggested acupuncture.  I was ready to try anything, so onto the scene came Tamara Willingham with her Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We had frequent acupuncture sessions early on, in addition to five Chinese herbs Tamara supplied.   I took the herbs twice a day. Then the miracle began.  After two months I was able to drive, to walk my dogs, and to think about golf.  As of August (just six months), I began exercising on the treadmill, working with weights, and golfing with my long-time friend.  I still have some minor lingering problems with fine movements of my right hand.  However, you would never know I had a stroke.

How does it work?  I have no idea, except I know what happened to me.  The traditional doctor said I could never get better, but could only hope not to get worse.  Tamara’s response was, “Baloney.”  I am in a maintenance mode now, feeling great, and just keeping an eye on all my bodily functions.  By the way, Tamara was a great teacher of how all the systems work together in my body.  Truly she is a holistic healer. I think those Chinese are onto something!”

- Satisfied Patient

“Tamara Willingham is one of my favorite health care professionals.  She helped me through a very difficult and painful time.  Acupuncture helped me when nothing else helped.  Tamara attended one of the most prestigious natural medicine colleges in the U.S.   (BastyrUniversity). She is skillful and really cares about her patients/clients.  I found her to be knowledgeable, perceptive, attentive, kind and professional. She was extremely supportive during my illness and pain.  I trust her implicitly. !!!”

- Satisfied Patient

“I knew Tamara when she was a LMT and then wished her well when she left the area for her acupuncture training.  When she returned to this area with all her new expertise, I was thrilled!  Acupuncture had been on my radar and it became a given to experience when Tamara was the TCM.  Tamara has been working with me for 5 months.  There have been many positive outcomes.  We are still working together.  Her genuine nature and encouragement to take care of self to enable taking care of others was very reassuring to me.  Thanks for helping me on my path to wholeness.”

- Satisfied Patient

“I am sixty-seven years old, and have been plagued with foot problems for years due to Morton’s Neuroma. In addition to the neuroma, circulation problems have been exacerbated by a 1998 botched achilles tendon repair.
Traditional medical treatments offered by several doctors, including two podiatrists, didn’t help much. Just a few visits to Tamara Willingham have provided significant relief. Her acupuncture skills, coupled with her knowledge and use of traditional Chinese herbs, have worked wonders. Most of the discomfort in my feet is gone. My vitality and energy levels have increased, and walking has once again become enjoyable.
I urge anyone seeking a helpful alternative or supplement to today’s modern medical practices to schedule a consultation with Tamara. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I cannot praise her enough.”

- Satisfied Patient

“I had no idea what to expect when I first went to see Tamara. She made the whole experience very relaxing & was reassuring & informative. To say I was surprised & thrilled that after one acupuncture session, my carpal tunnel has been completely alleviated. I am a photographer & this time of year generally calls for a wrist brace every night, numbness every morning & unpleasant sensations in my arm after every wedding. NOTHING this year at all! Completely amazed at the outcome. I am continuing treatments with Tamara & look forward to a healthier life because of this. Thank You, Tamara! ”

- Satisfied Patient

“Tamara takes a consultative approach to helping her patients. She sat down with me before hand and discussed what could be the root of the health problems that I was having rather than just treating them. I purchased herbs from Tamara and have noticed improvements in my digestive health already. I was surprised to discover that I found acupuncture to be very relaxing!”

- Satisfied Patient

Back relief

“My back has been hurting. and I so appreciate the relief from just one treatment that Tamara gave to me.”

- Satisfied Patient

Herbs are the best!

“Tamara is great! After my first visit with Tamara, I feel a lot better. We are addressing some specific issues. She answered all my questions, and we talked about things I didn’t think mattered, but which all plays a part in a persons’ well being. Give it a try!”

- Satisfied Patient

Regular Visits

“Tamara is the Best! Regular visits to Tamara are an integral part of my health care. Thank you for your knowledge & professionalism.”

- Satisfied Patient

Excellent & Thorough Appointment

“I came to Tamara for a very specific need, and she definitely got me off on the right track! Tamara’s thoroughness and expertise were apparent from the very beginning of the appointment, where she asked great questions I had not considered. Her insight-fullness helps her amazing scholastic knowledge in taking care of people’s health fully, professionally, and completely!”

- Satisfied Patient

Acupuncture & Herbs helps Shingles

“Thank you Tamara for helping me relieve the pain of Shingles and excel the healing process with Acupuncture and Yin Care ointment. You are the best.”

- Satisfied Patient

Stopped Smoking

“It’s been 5 days and I haven’t had nor want a cigarette. This is the second time I have done this the last time lasted for 5 years this time will be the charm. I really feel good. Thanks”

- Satisfied Patient

The Cough has Subsided and I’m Sleeping Much Better…

“Sleeping was difficult due to a cough from allergies. Although I was coughing during the day also, at night the coughing increased and would keep me awake half the night. After the second acupuncture treatment and herbs, the cough has subsided and I’m sleeping much better. My husband I thank Tamara for helping us both sleep better!”

-Satisfied Patient

It’s Helping

“Can’t explain why but the treatments are helping. First with my wrist pain and lately helping me to fight a sinus infection.”

- Satisfied Client

“Tamara – thank you for practicing preventive care.”

- Satisfied Patient

No more fibro pain!

“Recently I began receiving acupuncture treatments hoping to find relief for intense pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia. I began taking herbal supplements prescribed by Tamara in addition to the treatments and the amount of energy I have is incredible! And the pain is gone!! I feel like my old self! I am so glad I abandoned the idea of taking prescription medications as well as the expectation that I would feel exhausted and live in pain for the rest of my life.”

- Satisfied Patient


“This was my first experience with it and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was surprised at how much energy you can feel flowing through your body! It was like nothing else! Tamara creates a relaxing experience and is very knowledgeable.”

- Satisfied Patient

Getting relief and strength back

“I have suffered with hand pain from an injury a couple years ago. If that wasn’t bad enough, was beginning to lose strength and I had almost given up hope. After three treatments with Tamara, I can open a jar again! Now she is working on a plan to treat some other long term conditions with herbs. I’m looking forward to continued improvement of my health.”

- Satisfied Patient

“I had been dealing with acid reflex for a good portion of my life. When I was fourteen, my doctor prescribed me Prilosec to help with the constant burning of my esophagus and stomach. For the longest time, I never thought anything of it, until I met Tamara. Alternative medicine had me asking, what was the Prilosec doing to help get rid of the problem? Nothing. One day, after this great realization, I decided I didn’t want to cover up the problem anymore, but heal it. So I started receiving acupuncture and began taking the GI Care herbal formula to help relieve the acid I was experiencing. I remember telling my doctor that I was trying alternative medicine and she told me it didn’t work and prescribed me more Prilosec. Determined, I ditched the pills, modified my diet, regularly took my herbs and saw Tamara for treatment. Soon, I realized I wasn’t getting that burning sensation in my esophagus anymore, even after enjoying something spicy or acidic. After ten years of suffering from acid reflex, I’m happy to say that I am prescription and acid free. I can even enjoy a cup of coffee without regret, and it’s all because of TCM and Tamara’s expertise.”

-Satisfied Patient

Very positive healing environment

“I started going to TCM for acupuncture treatments and herbs when Ii was trying to optimize my mental and physical health in preparation for starting a family. I have found it to be a very positive healing environment that helps me to balance all the stresses in my life.”

-Satisfied Patient

New Experience

“Ii was very nervous about acupuncture, because I have a huge fear of needles. Tamara and her staff were very informative about the process and made it much less difficult. They answered my thousands of questions and were not just professional, but genuinely pleasant. Tamara was very knowledgeable, skilled, and obviously well educated in her area of expertise. They looked at everything presented holistically and spent a lot of time listening and asking questions. I had a good first experience.”

-Satisfied Patient

Everything about the treatment and service was perfect…

“I was much better physically and mentally after my treatment with my chronic pain significantly reduced.  I also was able to stop 2 of my medications.  It was amazing how good I felt!”

-Satisfied Patient

Everyone is so pleasant!

Carol is wonderful explaining the process and expectations.

-Satisfied Patient


“I enjoy the friendliness!!  From everyone.  I can ask any question and you all answer me without making me feel silly for asking.”

-Satisfied Patient


“Everything was great.  I felt very welcome and comfortable can’t wait to come back for a massage and beyond happy you helped me stop smoking after 20 years!”

-Satisfied Patient

Personal Attention from Carol…

“I had tendinitis in my left elbow that was treated by physical therapy.  When it returned I did not want to do PT again. I began seeing Carol on a weekly basis for my elbow. I asked her if she could do anything for my sugar addiction and she said Yes!  My sugar craving disappeared immediately.  I continued to see Carol for my elbow and the tendinitis was successfully treated and resolved.  I will be running back for treatment if anything should arise.  I can’t say enough about how great my left arm feels.”.

-Satisfied Patient

Everyone is great!

I love that when I come to Tamara TCM to see any of the practitioners they are all incredibly kind, professional, and knowledgeable. For stress, colds, allergies, pain, and more, I trust my Tamara TCM team to take care of me.

-Satisfied Patient

You listened to all my issues and concerns before treatment.

“In just the first session I could feel a tremendous difference in the pain I had been experiencing for over a year.  Very confident I will see greater results as I continue with the treatment!  Very much looking forward to it!”

-Satisfied Patient

Close, nice people… got rid of nagging headaches.  Pain free, and no drugs!

“Had migraines for years… after 2 treatments had fewer headaches.  After 5 treatments they are gone and no need for Vicodin 4 times a day.  5 years later I’m still off meds and doing fine.  I go in once or twice a year just to keep things in check.  I was very skeptical but after spending 20k in tested and meds I gave to Drs., thought I would give this a shot and it worked, I did go in with an open mind and hope. I was tired of being drugged all the time, but she said it should help and it’s like a cure, almost 90 pills a month to 2 or 3 a year for headaches.”

-Satisfied Patient

All Services

“Everyone is so friendly, kind, knowledgeable.  I was receiving acupuncture, noticed a difference approximately around 3 sessions.  I have chronic migraines and neck pain.  I did notice a difference of how often I was getting them.  I need to get back!”

-Satisfied Patient


“From the time you enter the front door you find a calming and relaxing atmosphere.  They always are on time.”

-Satisfied Patient

“I love the very professional, kind, and helpful doctors and staff.  The high-quality, effective acupuncture services; thoroughness and continued care to search for and treat the trust causes of health problems; the wonderful, healing Chinese herbs; and the relaxing office setting and music in the patient rooms.”

“I have been seeing Yesenia DeCapua weekly one month now (four sessions).  Afte rmy first treatment, I was amazed by how deeply relaxed I felt both physically and emotionally when I left.  It was better than a vacation!  The acupuncture has been the only thing to give me tremendous relief from anxiety and years of bothersome tightness/restlessness down the backs of my legs.  It has also greatly cleared up my hiatal hernia symptoms and is helping to relieve excessive tearing in my eye.  Yesenia is very focused on finding the root cause of my problems, including revealing areas that I need to work on to improve my health, such as diet.  At my most recent visit, Yesenia consulted with Tamara Willingham, and I have begun taking the Chinese herbs that Tamara supplied.  Since taking the herbs twice a day, my energy levels have increased, I am able to focus and think clearly (little to no anxiety), and now my long-time battle with eczema is under control as well.  I am excited to continue on this path of healing and highly recommend others try Traditional Chinese Medicine at Tamara TCM. Thank you, Yesenia and Tamara – I am very grateful for all your help!

-Satisfied Patient

Informative, prompt and gentle.

“I have already had my golf partner visit your place and he is very pleased with the results!”

-Satisfied Patient

Very calm and relaxing while being treated but lots of energy afterward!

“I work long hours on a concrete surface while on my feet all day.  I have had feet pain for several years, but a couple of months ago it developed into something more severe.  One day I could not get my left heel to stop hurting, it got worse and worse, even while the rest of my feet aches would go away.  I had developed a heel spur and every step was agony.  I did a little research online about it and bought a book on heel spurs from Amazon.  After reading the book cover to cover, I decided to try one of the suggested remedies, acupuncture.  I searched for a reputable acupuncturist and came across the TCM wellness clinic. Even though heel spurs was not listed on their website as a treated ailment, I e-mailed them and ended up setting up an appointment with Carol, one of the certified acupuncturist.  I want to be perfectly clear on this, I did NOT expect this to work, but my heel really hurt and I was willing to give it a try.  My appointment was at 11:30am on a Wednesday.  By 8pm that evening the pain was cut in HALF!  I continue to have treatments and while I am not pain free yet I am hopeful and I have seen at least small improvements each visit.”

-Satisfied Patient

Everyone is like a big happy family

“Always happy to see me, friendly and they answer all my many questions.  I like the leaflets you hand out each time and I pass them on to my friends.  They are always informative.  The monthly letter is also very informative and adds a touch of family by sharing in the lives of you and your staff.”

“I have been going to Tamara for about 7 years.  I went every week during the year of my breast cancer and felt that the treatments really contributed to my success with this disease and helped me through the treatments.  I felt I was doing the best thing for me at that time.  Since then, I have worked with Carol and Yesenia too and feel confident with their treatments.  Now, I am going for maintenance, healthwise, and will continue to do so.  I feel blessed to have them on my health team.  Thank you!”

-Satisfied Patient


“I just had cupping for the 3rd time. The first time about 2 months ago, I had marks or busing for around a 10 days and was not sure how I felt about the event. not bad or painful just different. The 2nd & 3rd times were noticeably softer coloring on my back and only lasted 3-4 days. I noticed many positive things, but one thing was the movement of fluid, especially pimples, and blemishes. lymphoma runs in my family so anything that helps remove toxins is an asset. Try 2-3x before you judge.”

Great Place

“I went in to get acupuncture done on my shoulder. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. After the first visit, the tension was gone from my shoulder. We have started work on the scar tissue and I fee improvements every time I go. The cost is fair, but the results are extraordinary.”

All I need is here!!!

“I’ve been seeing Tamara for years now and she’s incredible. I have sorts of issues starting with MS, I have had 4 back surgeries and the list goes on. I don’t think I would be doing as well as I am if i didn’t receive acupuncture from Tamara. My life has in improve in many ways since I have been seeing her! She is just as important to me as my family Doctor if not more! I look to Tamara for advice how to treat issues with herbs. They are so much better for you!”

Recommend to anyone and everyone

“Beautiful office. Highly skilled, knowledgeable, caring staff. Powerful treatments. I love this place, and will recommend Tamara TCM and practitioners to anyone and everyone. Thank you!”


“Thankful for Tamara and her staff. Every visit I find myself comforted, heard and treated with respect. That’s just the overall environment! Now, let’s talk treatment– I have had acupuncture treatments now for several different reasons over the past 15 years. Each time the benefits were tangible! Do I understand? No! But I don’t understand much of Western medicine either! Again, thankful for an alternative way to find relief from pain and the occasional stress life throws our way!”


“After every visit I feel so much better. Carol hit’s the right spots and keeps my condition at bay. Word is our health insurance may start covering acupuncture, that would mean more visits!”

Exceptional Professionalism and Service

“Not only has Tamara’s experience and knowledge in the use of Chinese herbs eliminated my hot flashes and insomnia, but has also helped with gut health and overall vibrancy. Carol Kremer is a wonderful acupuncturist as well, and has contributed significantly to my healing. Highly recommend this office.”


“I love coming and I leave feeling great and refreshed. The staff is wonderful as well, everyone is so nice and pleasant. I definitely would recommend coming and trying it out!”

Best Decision Ever

“Getting acupuncture from Carol has been the best decision I have ever made. All the symptoms I originally went to see her for have either disappeared or greatly improved. I am so glad I invested in acupuncture and took the time to really feel better. I’ve gone to my family physician for 20 years and have had no relief from my sinus headaches. I’ve been going to Carol for two months and have not had a headache sense. Truly life-changing. Love Carol and Tamara Wellness!”


“I have been in a lot of pain for so very long. I have been severely depressed and so angry about inconsequential things. Within 15 minutes of the beginning of my first acupuncture treatment I felt something move within me. I felt such a calm and peacefulness that I don’t remember experiencing in my past. My appointment was yesterday and that feeling of peace still resides within me today. Tamara has given me something special and I look forward to my next treatment.”

Uplifting, painless

“My experience has been one of awakening and less pain. I have been able to either quit taking pain pills for my pain or cut them back to practically nothing. I find that this time with Tamara has been enlightening, spiritual and so very pleasant. My visits have not only dealt with my physical pain, but the emotional scars I have carried most of my life. I would recommend this for anyone suffering from any type of pain.”

Satisfied Patient


“Such a relaxing experience! I look forward to it weekly! Very professional and friendly staff, highly recommend!!!”

Satisfied Patient

Blessed relief

“I had the most intense gout flare up last week and got in with Carol on Friday and she reduced my pain levels to zero by the end of the day. I went from not being able to tolerate wearing a sock to good to go within just a couple hours. So grateful to my Tamara TCM family for always taking great care of me.”

- Satisfied Patient


“I didn’t know what to expect, and I absolutely loved my first visit. Tamara was enthusiastic and educational on what was going to happen and it was the first time in forever I was that relaxed!! I can’t wait until my next appointment!!”

Satisfied Patient

Improvement in chronic conditions and overall health

“Tamara has been diligent in uncovering the root cause of my chronic sinusitis and bronchitis. Where drugs have failed, acupuncture and Chinese herbs have resulted in a gradual improvement in the severity and frequency of my symptoms, as well as my overall wellness. Tamara and Yesenia are very knowledgeable, professional, kind and compassionate. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their health. I am 65 years old, and wish that I had discovered TCM earlier in life.”

- Satisfied Patient


“Tamara and the entire staff and very personable and kind. I cannot speak highly enough about this establishment. I have received treatment for back pain, and neuropathy weekly for nearly two months. I mainly attend for acupuncture, and cupping. However, they offer many other services.”

- Satisfied Patient


“First experience with acupuncture & was a little nervous…. Tamara was very friendly and very knowledgeable! Will definitely be going back for further treatments! Will recommend to family & friends!”

-Satisfied Patient

Keeps getting better

“After my second acupuncture session, I felt better than my initial visit. I came very stressed and anxious, unable to quiet my thoughts. I left with all the white noise gone. I sat in my car in the parking lot for another 15 minutes just to enjoy the clarity!! It’s so therapeutic, I’m looking forward to my next appointment!!”

-Satisfied Patient

So Grateful!

“I have received a series of acupuncture and electro-acupuncture sessions from Yesenia DeCapua and Carol Kremer, respectively. Both of these ladies are deeply caring and have provided phenomenal emotional support to me, in addition to their impressive acupuncture expertise. I highly recommend them as they get to the root of the problem and will leave you feeling like a million bucks!”

- Satisfied Patient

Amazing Experience

“This was my first visit and I was not disappointed. I saw Yesenia and I feel as though she actually listened to my issues and concerns. She wasn’t trying to rush me through my visit. I had acupuncture and also received prescribed herbal medicine. I have noticed a huge difference in just a few days. After my appointment I felt relaxed and the next day some of my pains were already gone. The office staff was also very warm and welcoming!”

-Satisfied Patient

All you need is HERE!

“I can’t say enough good things about Tamara TCM I been seeing her for about 3 years now. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I know if it wasn’t for Tamara I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am! Tamara is just as important than any medical doctor I have! I use to suffer with major back pain. I couldn’t function on pain pills When my pain was extreme all I had to do was call Tamara and she would fit me in! My pain was a 10 when I got there and afterwards my pain was a 3! Better than any pain pill!”

-Satisfied Patient

Acupuncture Appt

“Appt went very well- it’s very much worth the time to check out Tamara TCM!! I always leave there feeling relaxed and centered! :)

-Satisfied Patient


“The whole staff is great! Tamara has helped me recover from several sports related injuries, highly recommend Tamara TCM team!”

-Satisfied Patient

Amazing experience!

“Andrea did an amazing job with my massage! I left feeling like a new woman! She talked to me before hand to make sure she understood what I needed and worked the areas that needed it the most. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who needs a much needed massage! I will definitely be going back for another massage from her!”

-Satisfied Patient

Acupuncture exceeds expectations!

“They do an awesome job every time and the treatments bring a tremendous improvement in health and relief of pain!!”

-Satisfied Patient


“I was a doubter but no more, I do not understand how acupuncture works but I know it does. What a great group of people.”

-Satisfied Patient

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome

“After 5 months of dealing with constant pain, numerous doctors, anti inflammatory, MRI, X-rays, and 3 weeks of physical therapy, nothing touched the pain. One visit with Karen and all pain is gone. After 5 minutes of treatment, the burning in the hip area that had been there for months was gone. Once 15 more minutes passed, the pain from the back that wrapped to the hips disappeared. When we left, only the outside points of each hip had pain. Within 3 hours that pain disappeared totally.”

-Satisfied Patient