Tamara performing acupuncture in perrysburg


What is Electroacupuncture?
Electroacupuncture is a procedure offered by professional acupuncturist, Tamara Willingham that utilizes electric currents to treat pain, promote overall well-being, and aid in restoring health. Small amounts of electric currents are exchanged between pairs of special acupuncture needles or electrical pads. The electric current does not infiltrate the body and remains housed in the needle or pad. Although the general practice of acupuncture has existed for centuries, the first electroacupuncture therapy was performed during the 1930s.

Electroacupuncture is a safe and effective method of TCM used to relieve pain and other ailments. This treatment is recommended as needed during your health evaluation and as identified for a plan of treatment.

How can I benefit from receiving this procedure?
No risk of damage to muscles or tissue
Effectively treat neurological problems
Reduce muscle spasms
Relief from chronic pain and paralysis

Does electroacupuncture treatment hurt?
A tingling sensation may be felt during the treatment, but most patients feel no pain. To find out more information about electroacupuncture treatment and its benefits, contact Tamara for expert advice.

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