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Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) is an energetic healing modality that puts you in the driver’s seat for your own transformation. Unlike other energy healing modalities, CCT works with the 3 Phases of Transformation that are necessary for any healing endeavor. CCT works differently for everyone because each of us is unique. When you experience a CCT session, we look at where you are currently and determine the best path for your individual healing journey. CCT is a powerful modality that works equally well virtually or in person, so it’s great for those unable to travel to the clinic for a session!

We are very fortunate here at Tamara TCM to have 2 highly qualified CCT practitioners – Scott, who is a Master Teacher and virtual practitioner (i.e. does sessions online), and Andrea, who is an Advanced Practitioner.


First-time/Long session – $150
Follow-up session – $125


60 minute  session – $80

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For more information, please visit the CCT national website at www.CCTHealing.com or Scott’s personal website at www.RayofLifeHealing.com.

*** Please note: Starting January 2020, Scott’s sessions will be available ONLINE ONLY, as he is moving to California!

Karuna Reiki

Karuna healing energy is a Reiki-like energy in that it is Life Force Energy that is guided by the Higher Power. The word Karuna means “compassionate action.” People often feel strong compassion when they experience the energy of this healing system. In a Karuna Reiki session, various voice tones will be used to aid in the movement of energy.

Our practitioner Andrea offers 60-minute Karuna Reiki sessions for $80.

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