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Wellevate – Your Online Dispensary


Tamara TCM Wellness Clinic and Wellevate…

Bringing you an easy, online dispensary, to support you as you manifest your greatest potential!


It is very easy to find vitamins, supplements, and other health care products out there, but it is very hard to find ones that do not contain contaminants and non-essential or potentially harmful ingredients.  There are over 1000 companies that make vitamin and supplement products in the U.S.  To sift through them is a monumental task, which means you must invest a lot of both time and money to find the good ones.


Luckily for you, Tamara has already invested in this process, and has searched to find the perfect company to provide you with the most premier vitamins and supplements available today…


Emerson Ecologics is a company that Tamara has been researching for the last 5+ years, and has carried some of their most popular products in the Tamara TCM clinic already.  The problem??  They carry over 15,000 products!  Luckily, Emerson Ecologics has developed an online dispensary that gives you direct access to all of these products, through Tamara’s Practitioner Portal.  Here, you can browse through their entire catalog of products (to which they add to on a regular basis), or you can search for what Tamara or another doctor has recommended for you.


It’s easy-to-use, thorough with information and support, and you even get a discount for shopping there!  AND… if you’re not sure what to get or have questions, Tamara can recommend products for you, so you can feel assured that you’re getting exactly what your body needs.  And it’s all shipped right to your home.


Here is your special invitation to check out Wellevate and see what it can do for you… click the link below and follow the simple instructions, and in just a few minutes you’ll be set up to take advantage of Emerson’s amazing product line.