“The article posted in the last newsletter “Is It Safe to Use Essential Oils When I’m Pregnant?” from Baby Centre does a great job of laying out the guidelines of how to use essential oils during your pregnancy. As the article demonstrates, essential oils can have a powerful impact on your adult body, and an even more powerful impact on your fetus. When used correctly and safely, especially under the guidance of an aromatherapist or midwife, they can be a wonderful tool for pregnancy and delivery.

The general rule would be to take note of ANY changes in your body and if there is any question, discontinue use of the essential oil immediately. Also, I would not recommend beginning an aromatherapy regimen if you did NOT use them pre-pregnancy. I would make two small changes to the lists in the article; take Spearmint and Frankincense essential oil off the safe to use list and add Clary Sage and Oregano essential oil to the do not use list.

Now on a very good note there is a wonderful alternative that you can use safely throughout your pregnancy and even for your newborn – hydrosols. This is the product of a separate distillation process from the one used for essential oils. It starts with the same fresh plant material but ends with a product that is about 99% water. The properties can provide similar benefits as essential oils but without nearly any possibility of side effects. Safe and natural! Lavender hydrosol is a great option for an expectant mom looking to sleep more soundly or relieve sore muscles or joints. It can be safely sprayed on crib linens for gentle relaxation for baby too.

Also, for us women not currently procreating, Floracopeia’s Balamce Blend is a great way to smooth over the kinks in our monthly cycles. The blend includes Clary Sage, which is harmonious with a woman’s cyclical energy. As stated above, avoid use if pregnant or hoping to become pregnant! Floracopeia’s blends are essential oils only – not diluted – so 3-4 drops are perfect for the diffuser, but please add a carrier oil at a 95% to 5% blend rate when applying directly to skin.”

-Margo Hertzfeld
Rosy Glow Aromatherapy