We have all read the unfortunate headlines.
37 Year Old MLB Baseball Pitcher Dies of Heart Attack
NHL Hockey Player Found Dead in Condo at Age 35, No Foul Play Suspected
Olympic Skater’s Life Cut Short at 28, Dies of Natural Causes

These were elite athletes at the top of their sport. Were they fit? There’s no question about it.
Were they healthy? Not so much. Let’s be clear. These athletes were certainly healthier than the majority of us. The very fact that they were competitive athletes at the top of their game required the physical work and commitment to get them there. The nature of their body composition, physical conditioning, and cardiovascular endurance left them less predisposed to many of the chronic ailments that tend to plague those of us with a more sedentary lifestyle.

On the other hand, a truly healthy body just doesn’t suddenly quit working. So clearly there is a big distinction between being physically fit and toned on the surface, and possessing genuine health and wellness underneath.

A physically fit body is typically a body that feels good and exudes health and vibrancy. But this often relies the fact that sickness and disease, such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders, can be festering undetected under the surface. Another prime example are meridian imbalances, which most of the time develop and progress painlessly while robbing the body of its vital energy.

So clearly, gauging your level of health and wellness based simply on the way that you look or feel on the outside can be a very dangerous practice. In addition, a common misconception is that you can somehow exercise away an imbalance. This simply is not the case. While exercise is essential, and certainly encouraged for its plentitude of benefits, the only correction for an imbalance is an acupuncture treatment. Once the change is made, exercises, especially those specific to your condition, will serve to complement it.

So while health and fitness is certainly encouraged, exercise alone will not carry you to the pinnacle of health. The foundation of healthy living is a powerful free-flowing meridian system free to help the body without interference. That foundation is built by acupuncture.