Mouth Rescue


Our refreshing Mouth Rescue dental serum thoroughly cleans and nurtures the teeth and gums with a host of potent botanicals. It effectively purifies the entire mouth, reduces gum redness and irritation, and nourishes the tissues. Studies show that brushing and flossing is not enough to ward off ailments of the oral cavity.

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The mouth is the gateway to the digestive tract and its health is paramount for the total well-being of your body. Moreover, oral health is intimately tied to whole body health and has been linked to heart disease and other more serious systemic problems. Through the continued use of this versatile and convenient dental serum, it can encourage the healing of existing conditions, guard against future plaque and tartar formation, and support whole body health.

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Jojoba, coconut & neem infused with the essential oils of cardamom, sweet fennel, cinnamon bark, peppermint & clove.