Conditions We Treat

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a powerful and natural healing process that can relieve symptoms of poor health, identify risk of disease, and be used for preventative care.  As a professional practitioner, Tamara will assess your health condition and symptoms. Once this assessment has been completed, it will result in a diagnosis and prescription of treatment.

Health Conditions treatable by Traditional Chinese methods are vast. Techniques such as Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage, Herbal Medicines, and Cupping can improve overall patient health and well-being. Proven effective in treating many conditions, we have provided a small list and a breakdown of successful commonly treated health conditions here at Tamara TCM.

Remember, many conditions treated with traditional medicine or drug therapy often respond even better to alternative medicine such as acupuncture or herbal treatment. By consulting Tamara, you have the ability to eliminate the side effects of drugs and medicines, and reap the benefit of a natural drug-free healing.

Risk of disease and preventative measures can be identified during an evaluation for Traditional Chinese therapies. However, it is important that you consult your medical professional when seeking alternative treatment if a disease is already present.

Whether it is a consultation for advice on your condition or a full treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms, find out what the services at Tamara TCM can do for you. Medical conditions treated include (but are not limited to):

Acne Infertility
Addiction Immune Deficiency
Allergies Insomnia
Anti-Aging Irritability
Anxiety Low Energy
Arthritis Menstrual Cramps/Irregularities
Back Pain Menopause
Cardiovascular Disorders Mood Swings Migraines
Chronic Fatigue Neck & Shoulder Pain
Cold & Flu Osteoporosis
Constipation PMS
Depression Sexual dysfunction
Diabetes Sinus infection
Eczema Smoking Addiction (Click for more info)
Fibroids Sore throat
Headache Sciatica
Hepatitis Stress
Herpes Stroke tendinitis
High Cholesterol Tendinitis
High Blood Pressure Thyroid dysfunction
IBS Weight loss

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