Used At Your Practitioner’s Discretion

The following additional treatments are part of your practitioner’s toolkit. These services cannot be scheduled independently, as they are utilized for specific treatment plans and goals. They may be combined with Herbal Medicine and/or Acupuncture at your practitioner’s discretion. Feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with your practitioner.

Moxibustion Treatment



ElectroAcupuncture – Acupuncture points are stimulated using a safe, gentle electrical current.

Moxibustion – This is the application of heat from burning a herb called mugwort (Ai Ye, or Moxa, a species of Artemesia) in order to warm the body, improve circulation and help the body heal.

Cupping – Glass cups are used to create a partial vacuum on the skin to increase the movement of Qi and circulation, relieve pain due to blood stagnation in the body and promote lymph flow.

Gua Sha – A gentle scraping of the skins surface using a Gua Sha tool to increase circulation, release heat and stagnation in superficial tissues. It can be used daily on the face to firm, tone, and life the skin.

Frequency-Specific Microcurrent – For certain conditions, we may add Frequency-Specific Microcurrent™ (FSM) to your acupuncture treatment. FSM supports healing by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow to specific tissues using micro-amperage current.


At Tamara TCM , we know that each patient has different needs.
That is why your Practitioner will create a plan that is personalized to you.