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“On Super Bowl Sunday, February 2012, I suffered a stroke. My carotid was 95% blocked, and I underwent surgery. After surgery, I still had difficulty breathing, went back to the ER to find I had double pneumonia. The hospital released me, but I still could hardly breathe. I was then diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and COPD! In short, I was a physical mess, unable to walk more than ten baby steps before gasping for breath and needing to sit or lie down. Hardly a worthwhile quality of life. My dear wife suggested acupuncture. I was ready to try anything, so onto the scene came Tamara Willingham with her Traditional Chinese Medicine. We had frequent acupuncture sessions early on, in addition to five Chinese herbs Tamara supplied. I took the herbs twice a day. Then the miracle began. After two months I was able to drive, to walk my dogs, and to think about golf. As of August (just six months), I began exercising on the treadmill, working with weights, and golfing with my long-time friend. I still have some minor lingering problems with fine movements of my right hand. However, you would never know I had a stroke. How does it work? I have no idea, except I know what happened to me. The traditional doctor said I could never get better, but could only hope not to get worse. Tamara’s response was, “Baloney.” I am in a maintenance mode now, feeling great, and just keeping an eye on all my bodily functions. By the way, Tamara was a great teacher of how all the systems work together in my body. Truly she is a holistic healer. I think those Chinese are onto something!”


“I have been seeing Yesenia DeCapua weekly one month now (four sessions). After my first treatment, I was amazed by how deeply relaxed I felt both physically and emotionally when I left. It was better than a vacation! The acupuncture has been the only thing to give me tremendous relief from anxiety and years of bothersome tightness/restlessness down the backs of my legs. It has also greatly cleared up my hiatal hernia symptoms and is helping to relieve excessive tearing in my eye. Yesenia is very focused on finding the root cause of my problems, including revealing areas that I need to work on to improve my health, such as diet. At my most recent visit, Yesenia consulted with Tamara Willingham, and I have begun taking the Chinese herbs that Tamara supplied. Since taking the herbs twice a day, my energy levels have increased, I am able to focus and think clearly (little to no anxiety), and now my long-time battle with eczema is under control as well. I am excited to continue on this path of healing and highly recommend others try Traditional Chinese Medicine at Tamara TCM. Thank you, Yesenia and Tamara – I am very grateful for all your help!”


“I am sixty-seven years old, and have been plagued with foot problems for years due to Morton’s Neuroma. In addition to the neuroma, circulation problems have been exacerbated by a 1998 botched Achilles tendon repair. Traditional medical treatments offered by several doctors, including two podiatrists, didn’t help much. Just a few visits to Tamara Willingham have provided significant relief. Her acupuncture skills, coupled with her knowledge and use of traditional Chinese herbs, have worked wonders. Most of the discomfort in my feet is gone. My vitality and energy levels have increased, and walking has once again become enjoyable. I urge anyone seeking a helpful alternative or supplement to today’s modern medical practices to schedule a consultation with Tamara. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I cannot praise her enough.”


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