Energetic Transformation Creates Vibrant Health


Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ or CCT is a simple and powerful way to overcome blocks in your healing process, so that you can experience the levels of health and purpose you deserve.

CCT uses what is called Energetic Transformation to help you achieve your health-related goals, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. The technique releases the energetic root of the symptoms you are experiencing, which allows your body to receive what it needs, either directly through the session itself, or by supporting the work being done with acupuncture or herbal medicine.

We are very fortunate here at Tamara TCM to have one of the world’s premier CCT Practitioners and Master Teachers Scott McBride. Scott works with patients virtually, which means you can receive his amazing healing sessions in the comfort of your own home!


When you heal, clear, and shift your energy, symptoms begin to resolve
and you experience a better quality of health and life.




  • Works with the Crystalline Energy System
  • Supports you by engaging with your intentions for health & wellness
  • Both directly heals, & supports the healing work from other treatments & medicines
  • Aids in more vibrant & radiant physical, mental, & emotional health
  • Works with the 3 Phases of Transformation, which
      •      Connects to “the solution”
      •      Releases distorted energy, & re-orders & organizes through intention
      •      Reaches new levels of health


To understand the Crystalline Energy System, it helps to know (or review) a few other types of systems in the body…

One of the unique things about acupuncture is that it uses energy meridians in the body, and gets them moving correctly and efficiently. These series of meridians conduct the ‘qi’ (pronounced “chi”), or the bodies life force energy, for optimal health and well-being. If your qi gets stuck, is stagnant, weak, or fast, it throws the body out of balance. For more information about the qi, see other areas of this site.

Other healing modalities use the central nervous system to achieve results. This system is comprised of the nerves that run through the body, and conduct an electrical current to and from the brain, which helps us physically move, and process different senses, specifically the sense of touch. This system can get overwhelmed, which can result in major physical, emotional, and psychological issues.

The Crystalline Energy System (CES) however, is a completely different internal body system. The CES is made up of water, connective tissue, and mineral salts. These three components work in harmony to create a highly ordered and organized system for processing energy, information, and health.

The CES is the primary system used in a CCT session for healing and transforming any discordant, mis-aligned, or distorted energy that exists at a cellular level, anywhere in the body. The system is incredibly dynamic and powerful… it’s literally 70-80% of your entire body! It touches and works with every other system on physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual planes.

Essentially, it is the primary processor… the main CPU… that can easily shift the energy that is not in alignment with your body, your intentions, or your health goals.

As any good CPU, the CES should be operating in the background, letting you do what you need and want to do. To make sure that yours is working in tip top shape, please listen to the ‘Crystalline Energy System Activation’ recorded meditation, found below. This is a great first step in to working with this system, to achieve amazing health results.

The Crystalline Energy System works closely in conjunction with what are called the 3 Phases of Transformation. Please read that section to learn more about this process, and about how when you work with both, the results can be astounding.

Oriental Medicine (TCM) is an ancient medical system that takes a deep understanding of the laws and patterns of nature and applies them to the human body.  The acupuncturists at the Tamara TCM clinic are the most well versed practitioners and experts in these laws and patterns of nature, and look at health through the lens of the elements and their qualities.

One of the patterns that nature uses is called ‘The 3 Phases of Transformation’, which is what CCT works with.  Which makes CCT and Traditional Chinese Medicine such a great combination! The pattern that nature works with (known as the 3 Phases of Transformation) obviously, has 3 parts, or phases, to it…

1) Phase One is known as Opening – When given the right environment, and appropriate time, a seed that is planted will eventually ‘open’.  This ‘opening’ is the start of a new experience… a new level of transformation… that is necessary for life to begin.  Spring time is ‘opening’ energy… the buds on the trees pop out.  Flowers poke up from under the ground.  Animals open their eyes and come out of hibernation.  Nature becomes alive in Phase One Opening.

With CCT, we do something similar: instead of our head or bodies cracking open like a seed does, we connect to a higher level of potential that is waiting for us to connect to.  Albert Einstein has a famous quote, that says, “No problem can be solved at the same level that created it.”  Meaning, you must go to a higher ‘level’ in order to solve problems.  This first step is done energetically in a CCT session, which ensures that the path forward (to whatever your health goals are) is set. You must ‘Open’ to receive the benefits of health and healing.

2) Phase Two is known as Chaos – In nature, this period of time is wrought with creativity and movement.  After the seed opens, it begins sending roots into the soil, and a stem up through the ground.  It looks nothing like it did when it was first planted.  During this time, it uses the elements to support it’s growth.  Nutrients in soil, water, air, sunlight… all of these elements support the transformation that the seed, now a plant, is undergoing in it’s process of development.

With CCT, the same is exactly true. We work with the elements (called ‘Healing Chambers’) to support the body in it’s growth and transformation process. For us, old patterns, poor health, deep trauma, or mental roadblocks are the things that are holding us back from growing (i.e. ‘good health’). So these Healing Chambers (aka the elements), are brought in in varying degrees and combinations, to neutralize the ‘issues’ or symptoms that someone is experiencing.  Whether it be a physical issue, mental block, emotional trauma, or something else, this phase helps clear the energy, in a similar way to the acupuncture needles or herbs that are prescribed by the clinic. ‘Chaos’ describes the shift from the old way of being, to the new.

3) Phase Three is known as Mastery – In nature, whether it be a long or a short cycle of transformation, there is always a period of time when there is a culmination of the work that was done. Crops come to harvest time. Flowers bloom beautifully and drop their seeds for the following year. The caterpillar crawls out from it’s cocoon and flies away as a butterfly. This culmination is the phase known as ‘Mastery’, when the ‘new normal’ sets in. There is no going backwards, and nature brings into right closure the work that it did for the season, to rest and prepare for the following year.

With CCT, this is where we bring in to ‘right closure’ the energetic healing work we did during the session. The ‘new normal’ is anchored in to our core essence, and we begin to explore what it’s like in this new place.  This is when we start to see symptoms go away, and greater levels of health return. Mastery’ is like hitting the save button on the work you just did.

The process of CCT, like nature, uses the 3 Phases of Transformation, and the elements in their energetic form, to open to higher levels of potential, release and transform what isn’t working for us, and bring in new levels of experience, that then lead to the next level of the 3 Phases. When you consistently work with this process, either by receiving CCT sessions or taking a CCT class (or both), your body and all it’s components can easily overcome both chronic and acute health issues, physical pain, mental and emotional issues, and other major hurdles or setbacks.

When you book a virtual CCT session, you will receive an individualized confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, which will contain the information you need to either connect online or call in to your virtual session during your scheduled appointment. For those using a computer for the online link, you will have the ability to see Scott on your screen, and have the option to share your video screen as well.

In preparation for your CCT session, or if you’d like to have an experience with CCT before you schedule, please listen to Scott’s ‘Crystalline Energy System Activation’ recording. This recorded meditation activates your Crystalline Energy System (as described above), which is the primary system of energy CCT works with.

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